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Krispy Audio are the proud exclusive Australian agents for:

We are also authorised retailers of the following; we have ear-selected these brands to offer you a range of products to suit every budget, but with performance and quality as a priority.

ADL Japan Interconnects, DACs, Headphone Amplifiers
Agora Acoustics Korea Vibration control & Accessories
AMG Germany Turntables, tonearms, cartridges
Aurender Korea Digital transports
Benz Micro Switzerland Phono Cartridges
Bricasti USA Amplifiers, pre, D/A converters, Network Players
Eclipse Japan Speakers, Subwoofers
EgglestonWorks USA Speakers
Entreq Sweden Ground and Power Conditioners, Cables, Accessories
Esoteric Japan Amplifiers, DACs, CD/SACD, Phono Pre-amps, Master Clocks
Furutech Japan DIY Components, Interconnects, Power Cables, Speaker Cables, Accessories
Genelec Finland Active speakers, subwoofers
Hana Japan Phono Cartridges
Harbeth UK Speakers
Hifi Racks UK Audio Racks, Speaker Stands, Turntable Shelves
IsoTek UK Power cables and conditioners
Krispy Kables Australia Interconnects, Power Cables, Speaker Cables
Lavardin France Amplifiers, Preamplifiers
Little Fwend Norway Tonearm lifters
Lumin Korea Digital players
Manley Laboratories USA Amplifiers, Preamps, Phono stages
Micromega France Amplifiers, CD Players, Digital Players
ModWright USA Amplifiers, Preamps, DACs, Phono Stages
Morch Denmark Tonearms
Pure Audio New Zealand  
Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Phono Preamplifiers
Roon Labs USA
Music Server Interface, Digital Music Streamers
Shelter Japan Phono Cartridges
Shunyata Research   USA Power Cables, Power Conditioners, Interconnects, Speaker Cables
Signal Projects UK Power Cables, Speaker Cables, Analog & Digital Interconnects
Solid Tech Sweden Furniture
SOTA USA Turntables, Record Cleaners
SRA USA Racks and Component Platforms
Stillpoints USA Racks, Isolation Footers
Tellurium Q Britain Cables
Transfiguration Japan Phono Cartridges
Tune Audio Greece Horn loaded speakers, Subwoofers
Verity Audio Canada Speakers, Subwoofers
VPI Industries USA Turntable, Record Cleaning Machines, Tonearms
WBT Germany Connectors


If there are any others you're looking for please ask.