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Introducing Tune Audio horn speakers

Posted on 6th Sep 2013 @ 11:09 AM

It's with great pleaseure that I announce Tune Audio is now available in Australia at Krispy Audio. 

Tune Audio are speaker artisans located in Athens, Greece. They grabbed my attention because of their one underlying philosophy - to produce horn-loaded speakers that do not sound like horns.marvel-2.jpg

What's the story I hear you say! Tune Audio's technology of floor loading/virtual mouth allows their performers to include horn loading in the bass as well. This ensures the bass will follow in speed and definition to the other drivers' output. Owners often comment that they do not sound like horns. What Tune Audio say is that "this is the way horns should sound like". They also do not share the view of wide dispersion for horn speakers. They are more in favour of controlled directivity. This yields a more narrow sweet spot, but you do not excite the room's early reflections as much. And with a horn loaded bass driver, the often typical box booming is not something to worry about with Tune Audio speakers. All models love room boundaries proximity. They can perform just fine even placed up against the back wall.

The lineup consists of 3 models, and a subwoofer:

6moons have just reviewed the Prime and awarded it their Blue Moon award, lauding it for its open and organic sound without the bloated midrange prescence often inherent in full-range speakers. "It's a horn speaker that doesn't sound it. It's a (treble-augmented) widebander but lacks the usual telltale teeth in the presence zone. It's beautifully continuous in how its core texture operates unbroken bottom to top." - Full review here.  anima.jpg

All their speakers are designed and manufactured in-house (excluding the paintwork). Veneer options abound as they work closely with a supplier to be able to offer you almost any combination imaginable. You really can own a bespoke speaker that has the sonics to match. 

Tune Audio go into great detail about their design and inspiration, their website is well worth a visit. This is the kind of attention to detail that oozes quality:

"Using high purity Italian OFC copper we build our own cabling. We believe that copper of adequate thickness has the lesser sonic footprint than any other conductor. We also do our own insulation using old-fashioned techniques. Copper is covered with cotton fabric and then submerged in bees wax. After being polished and twisted the cable is terminated."

Our demo pair f Primes are currently being built. These will be available for audition shortly. If you're curious about horns and haven't experienced what's possible, call us for a listen! Alternatively if you already own horns like Avantguards and want to see what a differenty design can yield, we'd be more than happy to arrange a demo. prime.jpg