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ALO RXII headphone amp and Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo portable DAC

Posted on 5th Jun 2011 @ 10:01 PM

Sixmoons of the RX2 Amp:

"Tonal fullness is properly centered and grounded, the treble sans annoyance even over long stretches and higher levels. There's no op-amp dryness, no chalkiness. The Rx scores high on rhythmic fare where it bounces rather than shuffles. This is supported by taut transient grip which also serves up high clarity without oversharpening. It's in the domain of subtle fades, of hall decay and ambient whispers where my big headphone rigs present more to get lost in. If I call that night-time listening—more introspective, chasing the inner game of music—the energetic Rx is tailor-made for day-time jams that focus on snap, impact and drive. For ($499AUD), ALO Audio's Rx Amplifier strikes me as a must-have for iPodders of all ages who either suspect that device capable of a lot more; or who happen to have audiophile friends who wholeheartedly applaud their voracious 'anywhere' musical appetites but pity their ignorance on what quality sound is all about."

Of the Algo Rhythm Solo:

Quality of packing: Very good.
Reusability of packing: Many times.
Condition of component received: Flawless.
Completeness of delivery: Perfect.
Website comments: Recently remodeled and very good.
Human interactions: Ken Ball has always been very responsive and helpful.
Pricing: Right on the money.
Final comments & suggestions: Upward of 8-hour battery use. 3-hour recharge time for fully depleted battery. Perfectly matched with ALO Audio RxMkII amplifier. Custom carrying bag for both plus iDevice is available. When used as digital transport with an outboard DAC there seems to be a potential for milli-second signal loss and concomitant reconnection noise between tracks. Of four such DACs tried, only two exhibited this behavior and only one of them loud enough to be unacceptable.

"The Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo really is a forward-thinking beautifully executed product. Its rebellious revolutionary attitude might currently seem nothing but a teapot tempest noticed only by the seriously nerdy. Given the constant proliferation of non-portable digital-direct iDevice product however, it should in a few years' time be remembered as the one that started the mobile conversion to better sound. As such an award is in order*. This one isn't just for sonics. It's also for audiophile politics. That's because Corey Greenberg's infamous old goats are alive and well. Today they're at it dissing the iPod as an evil device created solely to have lossy compressed codecs take over the world. It's high time that false gospel was rewritten. The Solo is the perfect magic marker for it. Take that show on the road now. Get the bumper sticker. That's the political dimension. It's not only about personal sonic satisfaction. It's also about educating the iPod nation what their chosen sound carrier is really capable of; and get reluctant audiophiles to acknowledge the iPod's true potential."

Source: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/aloaudio2/1.html