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Aktimate Mini and Aktimate Maxi - The ultimate hifi system?

Posted on 26th Mar 2011 @ 8:06 PM

The Aktimate Mini and Aktimate Maxi speakers are not just a great complement to your iPod or iPhone, but also a great PC speaker system or a stand alone 2-channel audio system (or pair to a subwoofer for a great 2.1 system).

They've got an inherently wide sound stage due to the ability to seperate them and position them on axis, something the majority of iPod dock systems fail to offer. This is fundamental to achieving a moderate high fidelity sound. The ingredients that push Aktimate past what could be termed 'moderate' are the speakers sourced from Epos, the amplifier design by Creek, and the cabinet design. Together they create a wonderfully balanced bookshelf speaker system capable of amazing results.

If you want the ultimate in connectivity, the Maxi system offers Aux input (2x pairs RCA and 3.5mm stereo jack), ethernet input (for wired connection to a PC), WiFi (for wireless connection to a PC or wireless router), and FM radio with antenna, and a USB input for MP3 playback. Plus of course the iPod dock on top. What more could you possibly need!?

Not only have these speakers impressed us, they've impressed quite a few judges, winning the following awards:

  • Highly Commended iPod Dock 2011 (Sound & Image)epos-aktimate-maxi.jpg
  • Highly Commended Best iPod Dock 2010 (Live magazine London)
  • Best Desktop Speaker 2010 (What Hi Fi)
  • Runner up iPod Speaker of the Year 2010 (Sound & Image)
  • Runner up Best iPod Dock 2009 (Smarthouse)
  • Best iPod Speaker 2008 (Smarthouse)
  • Best iPod Dock 2008 (Sound & Image)
  • Lifestyle Product of the Year 2008 (Audio Video Lifestyle)

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