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Furutech Cables - Overview by sixmoons

Posted on 12th Mar 2011 @ 8:56 PM

Krispy Kables recently expanded its offerings, and this includes the popular Furutech brand. audio-ref.iii-n1-b1.jpg

We deal strictly with brands we know and love for obvious reasons. This article gives a great overvoew of their cables which is why I'm posting the link for anyone wanting to get an unbiased review. It may be a little old now, but the information is still relevant. Coming along more than half a decade since it was written, their products have only become better too. The full article can be found here.

A short excerpt:

"......they are exceptionally detailed. I can't help but think that the hexagonal barrel innards are at least somewhat responsible for this wealth of clearly intelligible inner detail. Rather than throwing detail at you, they throw out inter-note noise. While the end result might seem the same -- more detail -- the way it communicates is very different. Put plainly, the Furutechs never fatigue even at elevated levels yet they do remain ultra resolved."jumperflux-s-b.jpg

 "Once it's Furutech from beginning to end, the spatial and size benefits are  unmistakable. This only reiterates the underlying leitmotif of this review. Shielding from and against noise pollution in cables has become more important than ever - and Furutech has developed a very powerful yet elegant antidote it seems. Bravo." - 6moons

 So if you're after quality cables and interconnects with no compromises, you're after Furutech. If you need the best components to make your own, you can't go past Furutech. 

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